How do I backup Dynatrace Managed?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

All important Dynatrace Server configuration files and monitoring data can be backed up automatically on a daily basis.

Backup settings.

The configuration files and internal database are contained in an uncompressed tar archive. Backup history isn't preserved; Dynatrace Server keeps only the latest backup.

Note : Transaction storage isn't backed up, so when you restore backups you may see some gaps in deep monitoring data.

For maximum security, it's a good idea to save your backup files in an off-site location.

Restoring from backups

If you run a Dynatrace Managed cluster If one of your nodes fails you won't need to restore the backup once the node returns to service. Once a Dynatrace Server node returns to service, it automatically receives the required configuration files and database content from other nodes.

A restore is required only if all cluster nodes fail at once. You'll then need to restore backups individually for each node.

You can restore backed up files with the help of a dedicated script ( By default, the script is located at /opt/dynatrace-managed/utils.

  1. Stop Dynatrace Server. To do this, execute /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher/ stop
  2. Use the script with the backup file name as a parameter. The location of the backup file doesn't matter. You can use the default Dynatrace Managed backup folder or select another folder. For example, to restore from a backup file located in /tmp execute: /opt/dynatrace-managed/utils/ /tmp/dynatraceBackup-005.tar. Note : Restoring from backups can take a long time.
  3. Restart Dynatrace Server so that it reads the new configuration files and database. To restart Dynatrace Server, execute: /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher/ restart