How do I create custom charts?

Custom charts enable you to analyze any combination of monitoring metrics directly on your dashboard.

To create a custom chart

  1. Select Create custom chart from the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can select the Build custom chart tile in the Tile catalog.

  2. On the Custom chart page, select metrics related to the services, applications, processes, or hosts you want to monitor. For this example, we'll select the metric Processes - JVM GC time.

  3. Adjust the display options and other configurations for the metric you've selected.

  4. For advanced filtering, click Show dimensions and splitting possibilities to access further configuration options supported by the selected metric.

  5. Click the Add button to confirm your configuration.

  6. Give your chart an intuitive name.

  7. Once you've configured the metric, you can optionally add additional metrics by clicking the Add metric button.

  8. Once you're satisfied with your new chart, click the Save to dashboard button to add the chart to your dashboard.