How do I enable the Davis Alexa skill?

Early Access Program

The Early Access Program (EAP) gives you a preview of Davis.

To enable the Davis Alexa skill

  1. Sign in to Amazon with the account associated with your Alexa compatible device (for example, Amazon Echo).

  2. Open a new tab and go to

  3. Sign in and open the User profile menu in the top-right corner of the window.

  4. Click Account settings and navigate to Integrations > Alexa skill.

  5. Click the Add Alexa skill button.

  6. Select the Dynatrace environment you'd like to be associated with your Amazon account and click Select environment.
    Note: This can be changed later in Account settings > Integrations > Alexa skill.

  7. With your Alexa compatible device nearby, say Alexa, launch Davis. You should now be able to interact with Davis. Optionally, you can add the Dynatrace Davis Voice Navigator Chrome extension to Chrome. The extension allows you to view Dynatrace pages associated with interactions using the Davis Alexa skill.

International users (outside of United States)

Due to restrictions imposed by Amazon, international users must select English (United States or United Kingdom) as their language in their Alexa device settings within the Alexa app.

If you can't find the Dynatrace Davis Alexa skill in the Amazon store

  1. Go to Amazon content and device settings.
  2. Click the Change button within the Country Settings section.
  3. Type a US-based address (for example, 2000 Brush St Detroit, MI 48226).
  4. Type a phone number with a US-based area code (for example, 313-227-3000).
  5. Click the Update button.

Note to International users: International users may have trouble with account linking in the mobile app, therefore it's recommended that you use a desktop web browser for account linking.

Interacting with Davis using the Alexa skill

After adding the Davis Alexa skill to the Amazon account associated with your Alexa compatible device, you can start a conversation with Davis by telling Alexa Alexa, launch Davis. Also, as a shortcut, you can immediately say a phrase or ask a question such as Alexa, ask Davis what happened yesterday.

Note: Davis will continue to listen for a few seconds after a response that includes an optional follow-up interaction. If Davis stops listening, you'll need to preface your next interaction with Alexa, ask Davis.

Explore the full list of interaction examples.

Viewing Dynatrace pages associated with Davis Alexa skill interactions

If you have a computer running the latest version of Chrome, you can optionally add the Dynatrace Davis Voice Navigator Chrome extension to Chrome. The extension enables automatic navigation to any Dynatrace pages that are referenced in your Davis Alexa skill interactions.

Changing the environment associated with your Davis Alexa skill

Within Davis, navigate to Account settings > Integrations > Account settings. Under Dynatrace Environment, select an alternative environment.

Note: The Dynatrace Environment selector only appears if you have more than one environment associated with your account.