What data storage advantages does Log analytics premium provide?

Log analytics premium (LAP) is a paid extension to the basic Log analytics capabilities that are provided by Dynatrace. LAP removes the following limitations from basic Log analytics mode:

  • Limit of 20 log files per query
  • Limit of 500 MB of total log data for analysis
  • Limit of 7 days of analysis history
  • Limit of 5 log-based event definitions

Log analytics premium additionally enables you to store all logs centrally within external storage. This makes log data available independent of log files themselves. This can be beneficial in the following situations:

  • Short log retention periods
  • Volatile log storage
  • Legal requirements for keeping logs archived centrally for long time periods

Log storage requirements and costs

Dynatrace SaaS

For Dynatrace SaaS customers, log files are stored in Amazon Elastic File System in the zone where your Dynatrace environment resides. You don’t have to worry about storage performance, availability, or free space. Disk storage costs are included in your LAP subscription and are based on the average volume of your cloud-based log storage.

Dynatrace Managed

To store log files centrally on your Dynatrace Managed cluster, you must provide a common Network File System (NFS) mount point (path) that is identical and available from all cluster nodes. With this approach, it's your responsibility to ensure appropriate levels of performance, availability, and free space on the mounted NFS volume. Costs are calculated based only on the amount of ingress log data, not total storage size, so retention time doesn't influence storage costs.

Host units consumed

With Log analytics premium, each host where log analytics is enabled consumes additional host unit hours based on the host size.

Detailed information about estimated data consumption levels and costs are presented to you during the Log analytics premium setup process (Select Log files from the navigation menu to get started). Review this data carefully before enabling LAP. Note that you should purchase LAP credits before enabling LAP functionality.

Enabling Log analytics premium

Dynatrace Managed

LAP is currently available through our Early Access Program. To enroll in the EAP for Log analytics premium, email us at lap.eap@dynatrace.com

Dynatrace SaaS

LAP is currently available through our Early Access Program. To enroll in the EAP, select Log files from the navigation menu and click the Enroll in Early Access Program button. Or email us at lap.eap@dynatrace.com

Once you've successfully qualified for and enrolled in the EAP, you can select Log files from the navigation menu and click the Enable premium log-data storage button.

Set your desired retention period and alternatively decide what logs you wan to store or not store on central log disk storage. Then review your expected usage. Now you're ready to go! After you click Enable premium log analytics you'll be able to stream log data from all your hosts to Dynatrace Server in the AWS cloud. During the EAP phase, LAP provides all required billing credits to you free of charge.