Can I monitor Docker containers?

Dynatrace offers full-featured Docker monitoring, giving you all the same monitoring functionality for Dockerized applications that is available for non-containerized applications.

Get started with Docker

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with existing Docker environments and automatically monitors your containerized applications and services. Dynatrace hooks into containers and provides code for injecting the agent into containerized processes.

There's no need to modify your Docker images, modify run commands, or create additional containers to enable Docker monitoring. Simply install Dynatrace OneAgent on your hosts that serve containerized applications and services. Dynatrace automatically detects the creation and termination of containers and monitors the applications and services contained within those containers.

For deeper container-centric Docker monitoring, see How do I monitor Docker containers?

Track microservices deployments

Microservices are commonly delivered via Docker containers. Monitoring your containers with Dynatrace enables monitoring of microservices and associated micro-deployments in your environment. You can track deployments of your Dockerized microservices and monitor distributed applications across your network of hosts or cloud instances.

See Dockerized services in context

Bringing all your services’ monitoring data into context allows you to see the big picture of your application’s performance. With information regarding your Dockerized applications and services in hand, you can make informed decisions regarding improving your software architecture and deployment.

Running Docker on AWS Beanstalk?

Have a look at our guidelines for configuring monitoring for Linux.