Remove user

Use DELETE /v1/accounts/{account-uuid}/users/{email} to remove a user account.




Parameter Type Description In Required
account-uuid string path required
email string path required


Response codes

Code Description

User removed successfully


Cannot delete user from this account


Could not find requested user or account

Response body

The ExceptionMessage object

Element Type Description
reason string
reasons Reason[]

The Reason object

Element Type Description
id string
message string

The RestUserWithGroups object

Element Type Description
uid string
email string
name string
surname string
password string
company string
countryCode string
userStatus string
accountUuids string[]
ownerAccountUuid string
type string
dcsActive boolean
passwordChangedAt string
userLoginMetadata RestUserLoginMetadata
createdAt string
updatedAt string
groups RestUserGroup[]

The RestUserGroup object

Element Type Description
groupName string
uuid string
owner string
description string
accountUUID string
accountName string
federatedAttributeValues string[]
createdAt string
updatedAt string

The RestUserLoginMetadata object

Element Type Description
successfulLoginCounter integer
failedLoginCounter integer
lastSuccessfulLogin string
lastFailedLogin string
resetPasswordTokenSentAt string
lastSuccessfulBasicAuthentication string
createdAt string
updatedAt string