Okta configuration for Dynatrace SSO

Follow the examples below to configure Dynatrace SSO using Okta as the SAML identity provider (IdP). You can use Okta's pre-built configuration or configure it manually.

Important: Use this IdP-specific help as part of the entire SAML configuration procedure for Dynatrace SaaS.

Okta Network Integration configuration

Through the Okta Integration Network, you can use an Okta-verified, pre-built configuration to integrate Dynatrace with your Okta IdP for SSO.

In the Okta interface, select Application from the main menu and click Add Application.

Search for Dynatrace and select Add.

Click Next.

In Sign On Methods, select SAML 2.0.

Optional: Set Default Relay State to your default tenant URL or to other Dynatrace services from the *.dynatrace.com realm. If this is not defined, users after signing in will be redirected to the last accessed tenant or account/user profile.

Optional: Set role as a Security group claim attribute. If configured, Okta will send assigned groups within the SAML Request.

To manage group membership in Okta with SAML Authorization in Dynatrace, this must be configured.

  • For more about SAML metadata configuration, see Configure metadata.
  • You can configure Security Group Claim attribute filtering using Okta's proprietary expression language. For example, set role to Matches regex and enter .* as the value to have all groups assigned to the user sent with the SAML request.

Optional: Select Enable Single Logout and upload a certificate (Browse and Upload) to enable global single logout. The certificate is provided in Okta's Dynatrace configuration. You need to be signed into the Okta Admin Dashboard.

Okta manual configuration

Use this procedure if you choose to manually integrate Dynatrace with your Okta IdP (rather than using an Okta Network Integration configuration as described above).

In General settings, follow this example.

Select Show Advanced Settings for additional configuration settings as shown in the example.

Configure attribute statements to enable SAML authorization in Dynatrace SSO.

  • In the Attribute Statements section, add entries for first name and last name.
  • In the Group Attribute Statements section, add an entry to enable mapping of groups between the Okta IdP and Dynatrace SSO.

Values displayed here are only examples.

Attribute names need to match the Dynatrace federated attribute values on the Dynatrace Single sign-on page:

  • First name attribute
  • Last name attribute
  • Security group claim attribute

You can configure Group Attribute Statements filtering using Okta's proprietary expression language. For example, .* means that all groups assigned to the user will be sent with the SAML request.