Monitor third-party services

Dynatrace captures and monitors all outgoing requests from your monitored server-side services. This includes web requests that your server-side components send out across the internet. There can be many such requests.

  • Most of them probably are not important to you, so Dynatrace collects them into a special service called Requests to public networks.
  • Some of them, however, probably are important to you. For example, your application may rely on the performance and availability of third-party service providers that you want to monitor as regular "first class" services.

For this reason, Dynatrace provides a way to monitor these requests as standalone services.

Monitor a third-party service as a separate service

To configure Dynatrace to monitors a third-party service provider as a separate service

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, select Services.
  2. To find the Requests to public networks service, place the cursor in the Filter by field, and select the External services filter type and the Third party service value.
    3rd party service 1
  3. On the Requests to public networks page, select View requests to list details about aggregated requests.
  4. Scroll down to the top domains table of domains and click the domain that you want to monitor as a separate service.

The page is now filtered by this domain name.

  1. Open the browse () menu in the upper-right corner of the page and select Monitor as separate service.
    3rd party service 2 The confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the page.

The requests to that domain are monitored as a standalone service. This service:

  • Appears on the Services page as a standalone service.
  • Appears in Smartscape, Service flow, and elsewhere as a standalone service. This enables you to track the response time better.
  • Can be pinned to your dashboards as a dedicated tile.
  • Generates alerts when the services experiences performance problems.

Only new data is mapped to the standalone service. Any existing data remains unaffected in the Requests to public networks service.

Revert to third-party service status

If you no longer want to have a recategorized third-party service set up as a standalone service, you can return it to third-party status.

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, select Services.
  2. Find and open the required service.
  3. Open the browse () menu and select Revert to 3rd party service status.
    3rd party service 3

Service detection rules API

Alternatively, you can set a custom rule for service detection that will map certain requests to a standalone service. For more information, see Service detection rules API. You'll need the opaque web requests type of rules.