A core feature of Dynatrace, PurePaths combine distributed tracing with code-level visibility, topology information, and metadata to provide the highest level of data granularity and fidelity.

OneAgent automatically captures PurePaths across the entire transaction, spanning multiple devices, operating systems, page actions, and code methods. The rich and contextualized information of PurePaths fuels unique features like method-level analysis, detailed error analysis, database analysis, and request attributes. On top of that, the collected data enables you to explore various aspects of your systems by slicing and dicing in a multidimensional analysis.

PurePaths are vital ingredients for Dynatrace Davis® to perform automatic baselining with a unique root cause analysis that provides you with actionable insights.

Through PurePath technology, Dynatrace enables you to efficiently find the proverbial needle in the haystack and focus on those few requests (out of tens of thousands) that you’re interested in. You can view requests from multiple vantage points—from the perspective of the services you’re responsible for or from the point of view of where a request originates in your system.