Custom API definitions

For some languages, like Node.js and Go, Dynatrace provides detection based on modules and packages. It uses a basic set of predefined APIs for Java and .NET. However, for others, Dynatrace allows you to create custom API definitions for the various frameworks in your environment. Custom API definitions are used to further segment the API breakdown and make it easier to quickly see which frameworks contain hotspots.

For example, by using a custom-created API definition called easyTravel, Dynatrace is able to identify all easyTravel-related method calls as part of the easyTravel-specific code.

To add a user-defined API detection rule:

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings > Server-side service monitoring > API detection rules.
  2. Select Create API detection rule.
  3. Type the name of the API.

The API name in this example is easyTravel.

  1. Select Add new condition.

The pattern to be used for identifying the API in this example is com.dynatrace.easytravel.

  1. Select Confirm to save the new API detection rule.

add API detection rule

The user-defined easyTravel API is now included in the code-level analysis.