Service analysis

To access the list of services, select Services in the Dynatrace menu. The Services page displays all services that Dynatrace has detected in your environment. As the full list might be rather lengthy, some quick filters are provided. Apart from quick filters you can use the advanced filtering in the Filter by field. Place your cursor in the field to see the filtering possibilities. Criteria of the same type are grouped by OR logic. Criteria of different types are grouped by AND logic.

Services list

Service overview

Once you've found the service that you're interested in, select it to go to its dedicated Service page. Each Service page lists the most important information for that service. The service infographic shows you which applications or services use the service and if the service makes any calls to other services or databases.

Each tile of the Service infographic serves as a link you can click to view greater detail, such as specifics regarding inter-service communication. For example, to access processes and hosts that run the service, select the technology icon in the middle of the service infographic.

Service overview

Other panes of the service overview page show service performance and serve as entry points to deeper analysis.

Dynamic requests

The Dynamic web requests pane shows various aspects of the service's request performance:

  • Median response time
  • Average failure rate over the current timeframe
  • Average CPU consumption per request
  • Average throughput over the current timeframe


Active and closed problems that impact this service. Select a problem to see the root cause and understand the impact on your services. To find out how Dynatrace detects problems, see Problem detection and analysis.

Current hotspots

The Current hotspots pane is dynamic and automatically displays the most important hotspots in your service, such as:

  • Highest failure rate request
  • Highest resource-consuming requests
  • Slowest requests

Select any hotspot entry to begin deeper analysis.

Multidimensional analysis views

Contains the saved Multidimensional analysis views that include all requests of this service.


Contains shortcuts for various options for dependency analysis. For more information, see one of the following:


Contains a list of events that affect the service in the current timeframe.