Public Synthetic locations

Dynatrace offers a global network of public Synthetic Monitoring locations out of the box. With Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, you can run your monitors from public locations that are based on the infrastructure of these major cloud providers: Alibaba Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Note that you can also create private Synthetic locations within your own network infrastructure. All public and private Synthetic locations can run browser as well as HTTP monitors.

Location release stages

Locations are released in one of three progressive stages, Coming soon, Early Adopter, GA, or Deprecated. Learn about the relationship between the stages:

Stage Description
Coming soon Location is already created; we're performing final performance tests before making the location available.
Deprecated Location is about to be removed; you can continue using it for already created monitors, but you can't assign new monitors to a deprecated location.
Early Adopter Location is production ready and fully supported. Its future availability depends on the interest the location receives and on vendor-dependent factors.
GA Location is generally available and fully supported.

Location IP addresses

If your security policy requires you to add a location IP address to a list of allowed addresses or you need to know this information for other purposes, you can determine a location IP address in one of the following ways:

  • When you create or modify your monitors, all the locations and their IP addresses are displayed in the table on the Frequency and locations page. Select one or more locations, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Copy IPs to clipboard or Download IPs to copy or download the associated IP addresses.
  • Use the Synthetic locations API - GET all locations API call that returns all the locations available for your Environment along with their IP addresses.


All public Synthetic locations are set to Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC.

Action required

Two Azure locations are being deprecated; two new Azure locations have been created

On October 29, 2021, Microsoft Cloud Deutschland will close.

As a result:

  • We will deprecate two Dynatrace public Synthetic locations: Frankfurt (Azure) and Magdeburg (Azure).
  • We have created two new public Synthetic locations and an easy path to transitioning your monitors to the new locations.
  • If you have monitors assigned to the locations that are closing, you might need to take action.


Location Platform Stage
Cape Town Microsoft Azure GA
Cape Town Amazon AWS GA
Johannesburg Microsoft Azure GA


Location Platform Stage
Canberra Microsoft Azure GA
New South Wales Microsoft Azure GA
Sydney Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Sydney Amazon AWS GA
Sydney Google Cloud Platform GA
Victoria Microsoft Azure GA


Location Platform Stage
Abu Dhabi Microsoft Azure GA
Bahrain Amazon AWS GA
Beijing Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Busan Microsoft Azure GA
Chennai Microsoft Azure GA
Dubai Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Dubai Microsoft Azure GA
Hohhot Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Mumbai Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Hangzhou Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Hong Kong Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Hong Kong Microsoft Azure GA
Hong Kong Google Cloud Platform GA
Mumbai Amazon AWS GA
Mumbai Microsoft Azure GA
Pune Microsoft Azure GA
Osaka Microsoft Azure GA
Qingdao Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Seoul Amazon AWS GA
Seoul Microsoft Azure GA
Shanghai Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Shenzhen Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Singapore Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Singapore Amazon AWS GA
Taiwan Google Cloud Platform GA
Tokyo Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Tokyo Amazon AWS GA
Tokyo Microsoft Azure GA
Zhangjiakou Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter


Location Platform Stage
Amsterdam Microsoft Azure GA
Belgium West Google Cloud Platform GA
Berlin Microsoft Azure GA
Cardiff Microsoft Azure GA
Dublin Amazon AWS GA
Dublin Microsoft Azure GA
Finland South Google Cloud Platform GA
Frankfurt Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Frankfurt Amazon AWS GA
Frankfurt Microsoft Azure GA
Frankfurt (Azure Sovereign)1 Microsoft Azure GA
Groningen Google Cloud Platform GA
London Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
London Amazon AWS GA
London Microsoft Azure GA
Magdeburg (Azure Sovereign)1 Microsoft Azure GA
Marseille Microsoft Azure GA
Milan Amazon AWS GA
Paris Amazon AWS GA
Paris Microsoft Azure GA
Oslo Microsoft Azure GA
Stavanger Microsoft Azure GA
Stockholm Amazon AWS GA
Zürich Microsoft Azure GA
Zürich Google Cloud Platform GA

On October 29, 2021, Microsoft is closing Microsoft Cloud Deutschland. For more information, see Location changes.

North America

Location Platform Stage
Cheyenne Microsoft Azure GA
Chicago Microsoft Azure GA
Des Moines Microsoft Azure GA
Iowa Google Cloud Platform GA
Las Vegas Google Cloud Platform GA
Los Angeles Google Cloud Platform GA
Montreal Amazon AWS GA
Montreal Google Cloud Platform GA
N. California Amazon AWS GA
N. Virginia Amazon AWS GA
Ohio Amazon AWS GA
Oregon Amazon AWS GA
Oregon Google Cloud Platform GA
Quebec City Microsoft Azure GA
Salt Lake City Google Cloud Platform GA
San Jose Microsoft Azure GA
Seattle Microsoft Azure GA
Silicon Valley Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
South Carolina Google Cloud Platform GA
Texas Microsoft Azure GA
Toronto Microsoft Azure GA
Virginia Alibaba Cloud Early Adopter
Virginia Microsoft Azure GA

South America

Location Platform Stage
São Paulo Amazon AWS GA
São Paulo Microsoft Azure GA