PurePath capture errors

Dynatrace displays all the PurePaths that it captures, even those that experience capture errors and may be corrupt or lack complete data. PurePath capture errors can occur for a variety of reasons (for example, network issues that prevent OneAgent-captured monitoring data from being sent to the Dynatrace cluster). Undue complexity in your Dynatrace configuration can also lead to PurePath capture errors (for example, too many request attributes, custom service calls, or timed-out requests).

All PurePaths related to each monitored service, including those with capture errors, are listed on each service's PurePaths page (see example below).

Errors - PurePaths list

Expand any listed PurePath and click the View PurePath button to view that PurePath's PurePath overview page (see example below).

Error - PurePath overview

Error - Code level

Reducing PurePath errors

Though you may not be able to prevent periodic network issues, you can use network error patterns to identify processes that may require the attention of your developers. For example, if all requests of a specific service have network-related errors, the cause may be a short-living process that isn't sending data to Dynatrace.

Managing complexity

Try reducing the number of request attributes that you define. Or reduce the number of change definitions for custom services to reduce the number of service calls.