Configure and monitor service-level objectives with Dynatrace

The list of defined service-level objectives (SLOs) within a Dynatrace monitoring environment shows important information such as current status and error budget, as well as details about target, warning, and timeframe during which the SLO is to be evaluated.

By default, each SLO is evaluated according to its defined timeframe, but for what-if analyses with different timeframes and for a retrospective view, you can temporarily switch to the global timeframe. timeframe

Configure a service-level objective

To configure a new service-level objective, you can either use Dynatrace preconfigured templates for common use cases, or create your own SLO definitions.

After you complete the setup, the newly created service-level objective appears on the SLOs page.

You can always edit your SLO by selecting Actions > Edit SLO on the SLOs page. actions

Pin SLOs to your dashboard

After you define your objectives, you can add the SLOs to your dashboard to visualize their current status along with the remaining error budgets.

There are two ways to add SLOs to your dashboard.

By default, the SLO tile evaluates the SLO timeframe instead of the selected global timeframe, which is shown by the small filter icon in the upper-right corner of the SLO tile. To compare between the global timeframe and the SLO timeframe, you can also override the used timeframe within the tile configuration.

Show data in the Data explorer

To query and chart metrics, go to the service-level objective you want and select Actions > Show data in Data explorer. For more information on how to use the Data explorer, see Data explorer.


  • The Data explorer shows metric keys; it doesn't show transformations or filters.
  • For SLOs consisting of two metrics (numerator and denominator), the Data explorer shows only the numerator.

Davis alerting

Davis provides quick notifications on anomalies detected, along with actionable root causes. If your SLO has turned red, you've probably received a Davis problem notification in your inbox informing you about the issue and showing its root cause.