Use Dynatrace infrastructure as endpoint for RUM monitoring signals

Dynatrace infrastructure can be used as the default beacon endpoint for agentless monitoring of your applications. To omit the need of a third-party domain, auto-injected applications send the beacon back to the customer's web server. However, when required, such applications can also use the Dynatrace infrastructure as an endpoint for RUM monitoring signals.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Deploy Dynatrace > Set up agentless or AMP monitoring. agentless RUM monitoring
  2. Click the applications currently set up for agentless monitoring link and scroll down to find the application. For an agentlessly monitoring application, find an endpoint from the browser network console.
    Alternatively, use the Dynatrace RUM management API to fetch the JavaScript tag for an existing application and look for the beacon endpoint URL.
  3. After retrieving the tag, search for the reportUrl and copy its value, including the /bf path:
    report URL
  4. From the navigation menu, select Applications and select the auto-injected application that you want to configure.
  5. On the application details page, click the browse [...] menu button and select Edit.
  6. From the Application settings menu, select Advanced setup.
  7. Scroll down to JavaScript library on the Advanced setup page and paste the reportUrl under Specify path where JavaScript tag should send monitoring data. add beacon endpoint

Note: RUM switches to the CORS mode whenever the Dynatrace infrastructure is used.