Calculated web application metrics

In Dynatrace, you can create calculated metrics to make your current analysis available for charting and API usage. Calculated metrics can also be used to create custom alerts.

Once you select the application you're interested in, you can use Multidimensional analysis to select aspects of your user actions and create a calculated web application metric. You can choose if you want to split your selected performance metrics by another dimension, such as geolocation, browser, and string properties, or only use single dimensions, such as user action properties.

metric dashboard

Create a metric

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Web.

  2. Select the application for which you want to create the metric.

  3. Scroll down to Impact of user actions on performance and select Analyze performance.

  4. On the Multi-dimensional analysis: Performance page, select the desired timeframe, options, and filters.

  5. Select an Analyze by option and a performance metric that you want to create the metric for.

  6. optional Use the filter bar to add filters for geolocations, browser versions, user action properties, and more to focus the resulting metric on what you're interested in.

  7. Select Create metric.

    create a metric

  8. Use the metric to create a custom chart or alert.
    create a custom chart or alert


In this example, we select Price, a user action property which we split and filter by Loyalty status, another user action property. On the Multidimensional analysis page, select the timeframe for the analysis. To filter out prices paid by platinum customers only, we select Price in the Analyze by list box and then set additional filters by selecting String property, Loyalty status, and Platinum. You can also create a metric and generate a custom chart.


create metric example

Create custom charts based on calculated metrics

Creating custom charts can help you to analyze combinations of web application metrics directly from your dashboard. You can split and filter available entities to fine-tune the metric dimensions that appear in your charts and filter out entities that are relevant to you.

To create a custom chart

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Explore data.

    Alternative options are to create a metric first or to select the Custom chart tile from the Tile catalog.

  2. Under Add metric, select Applications from the Category list and the calculated metric from the Metric list.
    In this example, our calculated metric is revenue by platinum customers.

  3. To access the available charting options of the newly added chart metric, expand the table row by selecting Details. custom charts

  4. optional If you select Timeseries, you have the option to choose between the Line, Stacked area, and Stacked bar chart types.

  5. optional You can choose an aggregation option from Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, or Count.

  6. optional When available, select the Dimension by which you want to split the metric. Note: Application is the default dimension and can’t be changed for metrics that are based on double values.

  7. optional Apply a filter to your chart results.

  8. To easily access your chart, click Pin to dashboard and select the desired dashboard.


To pin Revenue as a single value tile

  1. On the custom chart page, choose to view results as Single value.
  2. Select Pin to dashboard, select the desired dashboard, and select Pin.

pin to dashboard