Configure XHR for older versions of IE

The Dynatrace RUM JavaScript leverages property listeners to find out the exact moment a framework is completely initialized (for details regarding property listeners, please visit the Mozilla website). This technique allows Dynatrace to automatically instrument several functions provided by the framework, which is needed for capturing and correlating web requests and user actions. However, property listeners are not available in versions of Internet Explorer 8 and older. The earliest automatic initialization event would be the end of the "onload" event, where it's most likely that frameworks have finished initialization. This is satisfactory for most cases, but sometimes framework components are used during the onload event. To capture these function calls, it is necessary to manually call an initial procedure of the Dynatrace RUM JavaScript. For most frameworks, it's sufficient to add a small JavaScript snippet right after the framework's script tag. For AngularJS and Prototype, additional effort is required.

Look at the following generic example to see where and how you should add the code snippet. The placeholder value Framework must be replaced by the actual names of the frameworks.

Snippet location example

 <script type="text/javascript" src="/ruxitagentjs_....."></script>
 <script type="text/javascript" src="Framework.js"></script>
 <script type="text/javascript">window.dT_&&dT_.initFramework&&dT_.initFramework();</script>
 <script>/* other scripts */</script>

Ajax Detection modules requiring snippets:


This framework comes bundled with jqLite, a minimal version of jQuery. It's necessary that the agent initializes right after jqLite has finished its initialization. For the debug version of AngularJS, the snippet has to be injected right before jqLite(document).ready. The screenshot below shows where it has to be injected in the minified AngularJS version (angular.min.js).

Angular Snippet



Inject snippet after dojo.js script tag.

Dojo Snippet



Inject snippet after ext-all.js script tag.

ExtJS Snippet



Inject snippet after jquery.js script tag.

jQuery Snippet



Inject snippet after mootools.core.js script tag.

MooTools Snippet



Inject snippet before the Ajax.Updater call in the prototype.js file. See the screenshot for the location in the prototype file.

Prototype Snippet