Instrument mobile app with Dynatrace Flutter plugin

The Dynatrace Flutter plugin adds the Dynatrace OneAgent for Android and iOS to your Flutter app and provides an API to use manual instrumentation for Flutter/Dart data capture.


  • Dynatrace version 1.203+
  • Dart version 2.4.0+
  • Flutter version 1.12.0+
  • Gradle version 5.x+
  • Supported Webrequest Framework: Dart HttpClient

Set up a Flutter mobile app

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Deploy Dynatrace.
  2. In the Mobile app monitoring section, select Set up mobile monitoring.
  3. On the Monitor a mobile app page, type in a name for your app and select Create mobile app.
  4. On the Mobile app settings page, select Instrumentation wizard.
  5. Select Flutter.
  6. The Instrumentation wizard guides you through the setup process for Flutter.


For example instrumentation of a compact app, see the Example tab of the Dynatrace Flutter plugin page.