Worldmap view

There are four dimensions of Dynatrace Real User Monitoring that you can analyze to gain deeper insights into the user experience of your customers:

  • Apdex

  • User actions

  • Action duration

  • JavaScript errors

The Worldmap view enables you to easily toggle between these monitoring dimensions by selecting tabs along the top of the view.

To access the Worldmap, click the User experience index tile on your home dashboard.

Apdex view

User actions view

Action duration view

JavaScript errors view

Worldmap home dashboard tiles

The User experience index tile on your home dashboard details your most active application's Apdex ratings for geographic regions around the world for which statistically meaningful monitoring data is available (see top-left tile in image below).

You can optionally set up three variants of this tile that emphasize the other Real User Monitoring dimensions: User actions, Action duration, or JavaScript errors (see the other three tiles in the image below).

User experience measurements displayed on world map. Apdex view (above) and User actions view (below).

Each of these tile variants can be pinned to your home dashboard by clicking + Pin to dashboard button while viewing the Real User Monitoring dimension that you're interested in tracking (Apdex, User actions, Load actions, Action duration, Custom actions, or JavaScript errors ).

Alternatively, you can set up Real User Monitoring tiles using the tile catalog:

  1. Click Add tile + on your homepage to access the tile catalog.
  2. Select the User experience index tile.
  3. Select an application to be analyzed from the drop list.
  4. Select the metric view you're interested in (Apdex, User actions, Action duration, or JavaScript errors ).