Set up process groups for unrecognized technologies

Within large, dynamic environments, the number of processes running on your hosts can become overwhelming. For this reason, Dynatrace only monitors process group types that are considered to be important, i.e. process group types that are either of a known technology or that consume significant resources.

However, Dynatrace also provides the option of monitoring specific processes that fall into neither of these two categories. This means that you can, if required, monitor processes of a technology type unknown to Dynatrace that don't consume significant resources.

To create such a process group, go to Settings > Process groups > Process group detection. In the Custom process group detection rules section, add a new detection rule.

Note: Dynatrace automatically assigns names to detected process groups of unrecognized process technologies that consume significant resources. You can also define a detection rule to adapt the name of such process groups based on your needs.

Add a new detection rule

To add a new detection rule

  1. Click Add detection rule in the Custom process group detection rules section.
  2. Type in the information that OneAgent needs to identify the new process group (Process group type, Executable name, and Executable path).
  3. Optionally, you can type in any Command line parameters to further filter the monitored process groups.
  4. Click Save.

Going forward, the newly defined custom process group will be automatically detected and monitored across all hosts—even on hosts that are launched following the definition of the custom process group.