Define your own process group metadata

Dynatrace automatically detects and displays lots of metadata values related to the processes that run in your environment—including version numbers, port numbers, and the name of the script or JAR file that launches each process (see images below).

Dynatrace enables you to use these metadata values to automate tagging as well as to use environment variables to supply tags. Dynatrace even allows you to define your own metadata based on your organization’s or environment’s unique needs.

Define metadata via environment variables

You can now define an environment variable called DT_CUSTOM_PROP on either the process or host level. The format of the variable is simple, comprised of key/value pairs (for example, DT_CUSTOM_PROP=Department=Acceptance Stage=Sprint). These variables must be visible to the respective process at startup. Once in place, the metadata values appear on each respective Process and Process group page (see example below).

Using annotations in Kubernetes

Dynatrace supports automated tagging in Kubernetes based on Kubernetes labels. You can similarly use Kubernetes annotations—they too will show up on your Process and Process group pages (see below).