Static thresholds

Dynatrace infrastructure monitoring is based on numerous built-in, predefined static thresholds. These thresholds relate to resource contentions like CPU spikes, memory, and disk usage. You can change these default thresholds by going to Settings > Anomaly Detection > Infrastructure in the Dynatrace menu.

For applications and services, you can disable automated baselining-based reference-value detection anytime and switch to user-defined static thresholds. If you set a static threshold for response time and error rate on an application or service level, events will be raised if the static threshold is breached. A slowdown event is raised if the static thresholds for either the median or the 90th percentile response times are breached.

Predefined static thresholds for hosts

Hosts Default static threshold
CPU saturation
  • Alert if CPU usage is higher than 95% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Memory event usage
  • Alert if memory usage is higher than 90% on Windows or 80% on Linux
  • AND memory page fault rate is higher than 100 faults/s on Windows or 20 faults/s on Linux in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
GC activity
  • Alert if GC time is higher than 40%
  • OR GC suspension is higher than 25% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Java out of memory
  • Alert if the number of Java out-of-memory exceptions is 1 per minute or higher.

Predefined static thresholds for networks

Network Default static threshold
Number of dropped packets
  • Alert if receive/transmit dropped packet percentage is higher than 10%
  • AND total packets rate is higher than 10 packets/s in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Network utilization
  • Alert if sent/received traffic utilization is higher than 90% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
TCP connectivity for process
  • Alert if percentage of new connection failures is higher than 3%
  • AND number of failed connections is higher than 10 connections/min in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Retransmission rate
  • Alert if retransmission rate is higher than 10%
  • AND number of retransmitted packets is higher than 10 packets/min in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.

Predefined static thresholds for disks

Disk Default static threshold
Low disk space
  • Alert if free disk space is lower than 3% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Slow running disks
  • Alert if disk read time and write time is higher than 200 ms in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.
Inodes number available
  • Alert if percent of available inodes is lower than 5% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.

As static thresholds don't adapt to changing environments and require too much manual effort, Dynatrace also offers intelligent, automated multi-dimensional baselining, which works out of the box, without manual configuration of thresholds. Most importantly, it adapts automatically to changes in traffic patterns.