Missing data alert for custom metric events

Dynatrace provides you the ability to set an alert on missing data in a metric. If the alert is enabled, Dynatrace regularly checks whether the sliding window of the metric event contains any measurements. For example, if the sliding window is set to 3 minutes during any 5 minutes, Dynatrace triggers an alert if no data is received within a 3-minute period.

The missing data condition and baseline/threshold condition are combined by the OR logic.

Event description placeholders

To provide details about an alert, there is a {missing_data_samples} event description placeholder. It renders to the number of minutes without data received.

Unregular or delayed data streams

We recommend that you disable missing data alerts for sparse data streams, where measurements are not expected in regular intervals, as it will result in alert storms.

For expected late-incoming data (for example, cloud integration metrics with a 5-minute delay), use long sliding windows that cover delays. For a 5-minutes delay, use a sliding window of at least 10 minutes.


Enabling missing data alerting switches the configuration to an Advanced metric query that is subject to additional limits, as it requires proactive checks, even if no data is streaming in.