Advanced metric queries for custom metric events

There are two types of metric queries in metric events—basic and advanced. Basic queries just observe raw measurements streaming in. Advanced queries apply a transformation to the raw data. Dynatrace always displays the type of the query in the Alert preview section of the metric event configuration.

Advanced query

Examples of advanced queries include:

  • Auto-adaptive baseline, because it requires calculation of the baseline
  • Monotonic counters, because a mathematical operation is necessary on the raw counts to gain a continuous rate.
  • Missing data alerts, because the condition has to be proactively checked.
  • Mathematical expressions.
  • Dimension aggregations.

Environment limits

There is an overall limit of 10,000 metric event configurations per monitoring environment that can be divided into the following categories:

  • Basic queries—there is no dimension limit for basic queries. For example, you can create an alert for 20,000 CPU cores in one metric event configuration.
  • Advanced queries—additional limits apply:
    • 100,000 dimensions per environment
    • 1,000 dimensions per metric event configuration
    • 100 advanced query configurations per monitoring strategy. You can have 100 configurations with an auto-adaptive baseline and 100 configurations with custom thresholds.