Adjust the sensitivity of anomaly detection for NAM events

Davis doesn't baseline NAM data. To detect anomalies in NAM-collected data, Dynatrace applies static thresholds to the availability and performance metrics that are calculated by NAM.

However, such anomalies can be correlated with OneAgent-detected events if you install OneAgent on a host that is visible to the NAM probe. If NAM data analysis detects a performance degradation and OneAgent detects related events on the same host (for example, CPU saturation), Davis will detect the events that share the same root cause and will identify the underlying root cause.

To set fixed thresholds for NAM collected data

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings and select Anomaly detection > NAM events. Here you'll find thresholds for performance and availability (calculated by NAM) that trigger anomaly events for NAM collected data. You can set anomaly detection thresholds for Enterprise applications and Data center services independently.
  2. optional To avoid over-alerting, define the time within an interval of your choice when the degradation below the set thresholds continues. Shorter events are excluded from evaluation.

For more information on unifying Dynatrace and NAM, see Integrate NAM and network monitoring.