Metrics browser

Early Adopter

Select Metrics from the navigation menu to open the Metrics browser, which gives you an easy way to browse all metrics available in your monitoring environment and make a metric-specific tile for your dashboard.

Filter and sort the table

  • By default, the table of metrics is filtered to show only those metrics that were last reported after the start of the selected timeframe (for example, Last 2 hours). Turn off Filter for metrics last reported after [timestamp] to see all metrics regardless of when they were last reported.
  • Set Favorites to Any, Yes, or No to filter the table by metrics that you have favorited.
    • To favorite a metric, select the star icon in the Favorite column of the table. Favorited metrics sort to the top of the table by default.
    • To unfavorite a metric, select the star again.
  • The filter bar (Filtered by) has two options:
    • Text (enter a string and press Enter to add a text filter. It filters on metric key, metric name, and description.
    • Favorites (select Yes or No). You can combine the two filters.
  • Select column header Favorite, Name, or Key to sort by that column.

Review metric details

Expand Details for any metric (row) in the table to see metric details and a chart of the metric over the selected timeframe.

Add metric to dashboard

To add a metric to a dashboard

  1. Expand Details for any metric (row) in the table.
  2. Select Create chart to open the metric in the Data explorer.
  3. Adjust the settings as needed.
  4. Select Pin to dashboard.
  5. Specify the target dashboard and metric title.
  6. Select Pin.