Metrics ingestion methods

You can easily push metrics to Dynatrace using a unified ingestion protocol shared among the following channels:

You can also ingest metrics into Dynatrace using:

Local ingestion interface

The OneAgent Extension Execution Controller (EEC) module provides a secure interface for ingesting metrics from multiple data sources running on the same host. EEC automatically adds the host ID and host name context to each metric. Note that we're already working on more automatic metric enrichments.


EEC is installed with OneAgent automatically. If your data sources send metrics over default ports, you're all set. Enable metric ingestion, set up your data source, and OneAgent will start ingesting your metrics automatically.

For details, see:


The EEC interface is available only to localhost addresses and cannot be reached from remote hosts. It uses a channel provided by OneAgent that is fully secure.

Metrics API v2

Unlike the local ingestion interface, which adds the topology context automatically (each metric is assigned to a respective host), metrics pushed through the public Metrics API v2 are flat by default. This is especially beneficial for business-related metrics that don't have any relation to the topology entities in your environment.

However, to have events raised for a selected host and have Davis perform causation analysis based on your metrics, you can configure your app to add the dimension. For more information, see Metrics API - POST ingest data points.