How to apply management zones

Apply a management zone

These high-level steps take you through the process of assigning a management zone to a user via group settings.

  1. Set up a management zone (Settings > Preferences > Management zones) or check the management zone name and rules defining which entities are accessible within the zone.

  2. User and group management:

    • In Dynatrace SaaS environments, select the User menu in the menu bar > Identity management > Group management. You can also sign in at
    • In Dynatrace Managed environments, Go to User authentication > User groups > Users from the navigation menu of the Cluster Management Console.
    1. Create or select a group to which you will add the user.

      Assign the group the required environment-level and management zone–level permissions (for Dynatrace SaaS and Managed) that you'd like the user to have over the entities accessible in the management zone. For example, if you'd like your user to be able to create or edit synthetic monitors in a management zone, you must provide the Change monitoring settings permission at the management zone or environment level.

    2. Check that your user has ACTIVE status.

      Assign the group (with access to the management zone) from the step above to the user.

  3. When the user logs in to the environment, they can use the Filter button Filter management zones in the menu bar to access the management zones they are assigned to.

Filter by a management zone

Once you create a management zone, that zone becomes available as a filter, which you can access via the Filter button Filter management zones in the menu bar. Just select the appropriate management zone from the list.

Filter management zones

Management zone filters apply to all views that display multiple entities, including individual dashboards, list pages (for example, for hosts, process groups, services, synthetic monitors, and applications), Smartscape, and the Technologies page. This enables each user to view only those entities that are relevant to them.

From within a management zone, you can only see the entities you have access to in Dynatrace. No data is displayed on pages where you don't have access to entities.

You can see Dashboards created by others and create your own for the entities you have access to.

Note that viewing Real User Monitoring (RUM) data requires the Access environment environment-level permission.