Management zones and Log Monitoring

Management zones are an information-partitioning mechanism that allows you to focus on specific parts of your topology. You can customize a management zone to include specific set of monitored entities (Management-zone rules). These monitored entities can generate log data that can be ingested and analyzed by Dynatrace Log Monitoring generic log ingestion (Generic log ingestion).

Using the generic log ingestion API Log Monitoring API v2 - POST ingest logs, you can send an object representing a single event or an array of objects representing multiple events. The object must contain at least one the following attribute keys.

  • dt.entity.process_group_instance
  • dt.entity.custom_device

To filter the management zone, Log Monitoring checks, in the order listed above, if the log event attribute value belongs to a given management zone, and it stops checking on the first match.

In the log viewer (Log viewer), you can use the filter bar to select a specific management zone. The log viewer displays log data for up to 10,000 monitored entities per management zone. If your management zone contains more than 10,000 monitored entities, and you would like to see log data for all of your monitored entities, you can break your management zone into smaller zones of fewer than 10,000 monitored entities each.