Log Monitoring v1

Dynatrace Log Monitoring is typically used for troubleshooting and monitoring.

With Dynatrace Log Monitoring, you gain direct access to the log content of all your system's mission-critical processes. It's easy to search for specific log messages that you're interested in. Log content can be filtered based on keywords or timeframe. You can even analyze multiple log files simultaneously—even when log files are stored across multiple hosts.

Most significantly, Dynatrace artificial intelligence automatically correlates relevant log messages with any problems that it detects in your environment. Relevant log messages that are associated with problems are then factored into problem root-cause analysis.

To enable Dynatrace Log Monitoring, just make sure that you're running the latest version of Dynatrace. All new log content from important processes will then be auto-detected and monitored. There's no need to copy or export log content to external storage to facilitate analysis.