Analyze log data and create events

Read in the following sections how you can analyze log data and create events.

Access logs during problem analysis

When Dynatrace detects that a certain process is the root-cause of a detected problem, an Analyze process logs link is displayed on the corresponding Problem page.

To access log content during problem analysis:

  1. Click the Problems tile on your Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Select a problem.
  3. Click the Analyze process logs link beneath the root cause section.
  4. The Log viewer is displayed pre-loaded with all problematic process log entries that occurred during the problem timeframe.

Using the Log viewer, you can directly analyze log content and find problematic log messages that will help you understand the root cause of problems detected within monitored processes.

Create events based on log patterns

When you identify specific patterns in your log files that indicate problems or potential problems (messages that match specific search criteria), you can save the patterns for automatic detection by Dynatrace artificial intelligence. This way, the next time Dynatrace encounters the saved log pattern, it will automatically generate a new problem for tracking and root-cause analysis.

To create events based on a log pattern

  1. From the navigation menu, select Log files.
  2. Define a search query and select logs for analysis.
  3. At the bottom of the Log viewer, select a timeframe (scope) for the query.
  4. Click Display log to view the search results.
  5. When you are satisfied with your query, click Define event button.
  6. Fine-tune the query or scope as needed.
  7. Select the event type (Performance, Availability or Error) that best describes the searched pattern. This affects how the event will be correlated with other events.
  8. Modify the frequency threshold (if needed).
  9. Click Save.

All event definitions are available at Settings > Log analysis.