Google Cloud Platform supported service metrics

Dynatrace supports all metrics available in the Google Operations API.


Supported services

After deploying the Dynatrace integration, you can start monitoring the GCP supported services. The table below shows available metrics configurations1 per service, including Davis data units (DDUs) consumption2 per instance per minute.

  1. 1

    Metrics configuration refers to groups of metrics that can be ingested. Use the Configuration ID when adjusting the monitoring scope of your setup. To see which metrics are ingested, check the configuration files available on GitHub. For instructions on how to expand monitoring, see Expand monitoring when using a Google Cloud Function or Expand monitoring in a Kubernetes container.

  2. 2

    DDU consumption is an estimation that may vary depending on characteristics of your environment. We recommend that you check your weekly DDU consumptions for more accurate budgeting.

Service name Preset dashboard Configuration name Configuration ID DDUs per minute per instance
Google Cloud Function ✔️ cloud_function/default 0.073 DDU
Cloud SQL ✔️ Database cloudsql_database/default 0.066 DDU
Google Cloud APIs ✔️ api/default 0.086 DDU
Google Cloud Pub/Sub ✔️ Snapshot pubsub_snapshot/default 0.021 DDU
Subscription pubsub_subscription/default 0.166 DDU
Topic pubsub_topic/default 0.049 DDU
Google Pub/Sub Lite Subscription Partition pubsublite_subscription_partition/default 0.006 DDU
Topic Partition pubsublite_topic_partition/default 0.013 DDU
Cloud Load Balancing ✔️ Google Internal HTTP/S Load Balancing Rule internal_http_lb_rule/default 0.405 DDU
Google Internal TCP Load Balancer Rule internal_tcp_lb_rule/default 0.135 DDU
Google Internal UDP Load Balancer Rule internal_udp_lb_rule/default 0.108 DDU
Google Cloud Network UDP Load Balancer Rule udp_lb_rule/default 0.036 DDU
Google Cloud HTTP/S Load Balancing Rule https_lb_rule/default 3.897 DDU
Google Cloud Network TCP Load Balancer Rule tcp_lb_rule/default 0.045 DDU
Google Cloud TCP/SSL Proxy Rule tcp_ssl_proxy_rule/default 0.054 DDU
Google Kubernetes Engine ✔️ Container Agent k8s_container/agent 0.021 DDU
Container Apigee k8s_container/apigee 0.268 DDU
Container NGINX k8s_container/nginx 0.017 DDU
Container k8s_container/default 0.024 DDU
Container gke_container/default 0.109 DDU
Cluster k8s_cluster/default 0.009 DDU
Node k8s_node/default 0.039 DDU
Google Cloud Datastore ✔️ datastore_request/default 0.025 DDU
Google Filestore ✔️ Instance filestore_instance/default 0.048 DDU
Google Cloud Storage ✔️ bucket gcs_bucket/default 0.185 DDU
Google VM Instance gce_instance/appenginee 0.108 DDU
Instance gce_instance/default 2.828 DDU
Agent gce_instance/agent 2.794 DDU
Firewall Insights gce_instance/firewallinsights 0.18 DDU
Google Cloud Router gce_router/default 0.032 DDU
Google Zone Network Health gce_zone_network_health/default 0.243 DDU
Uptime Checks gce_instance/uptime_check 2.187 DDU
Google Cloud Spanner Instance spanner_instance/default 0.223 DDU
Google Cloud BigQuery BI Engine Model bigquery_biengine_model/default 0.055 DDU
Dataset bigquery_dataset/default 0.147 DDU
Project bigquery_project/default 0.085 DDU
Google Interconnect Default interconnect/default 0.03 DDU
Attachment interconnect_attachment/default 0.005 DDU
Google Cloud Memorystore Instance redis_instance/default 0.169 DDU
Google Apigee Proxy (v2) 0.246 DDU
Environment 0.027 DDU
Proxy 0.207 DDU
Google Consumer Quota consumer_quota/default 0.021 DDU
Google Cloud NAT Gateway nat_gateway/default 0.04 DDU
Google Transfer Service Agent transfer_service_agent/default 0.002 DDU
Google Cloud DNS Query dns_query/default 0.003 DDU
Google Cloud Run for Anthos Trigger knative_trigger/default 0.57 DDU
Google Cloud Run for Anthos Broker knative_broker/default 0.27 DDU
Google Cloud Run for Anthos Revision knative_revision/default 0.547 DDU
Google Instance Group instance_group/default 0.001 DDU
Google App Engine Application - Uptime Checks gae_app_uptime_check/default 2.916 DDU
Application gae_app/default 0.101 DDU
Instance gae_instance/default 0.005 DDU
Google Compute Engine Autoscaler Google Autoscaler autoscaler/default 0.006 DDU
Google Dataflow Job dataflow_job/default 3.397 DDU
Google Network Security Policy network_security_policy/default 0.018 DDU
Google Cloud Logging export sink logging_sink/default 0.003 DDU
Google VPC Access Connector vpc_access_connector/default 0.004 DDU
Google Cloud ML Job cloudml_job/default 0.162 DDU
Model Version cloudml_model_version/default 0.038 DDU
Google Cloud Bigtable Cluster bigtable_cluster/default 0.018 DDU
Table bigtable_table/default 0.111 DDU
Google Cloud Amazon EC2 Instance (via GCP) cloud_tasks_queue/default 0.014 DDU
Google Cloud Composer Environment cloud_composer_environment/default 0.129 DDU
Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention Project cloud_dlp_project/default 0.019 DDU
Google Cloud Dataproc Cluster cloud_dataproc_cluster/default 0.081 DDU
Google Cloud Run Revision cloud_run_revision/default 0.059 DDU
Google Cloud Trace 0.003 DDU
Google Cloud TPU Worker tpu_worker/default 0.013 DDU
Google reCAPTCHA Key 0.003 DDU
Google Firestore Instance firestore_instance/default 0.324 DDU
Google NetApp CVS-SO 0.013 DDU
Google NetApp Cloud Volume netapp_cloud_volume/default 0.032 DDU
Google Assistant Smart Home Google Assistant Action Project assistant_action_project/default 0.567 DDU
Google Firebase Hosting Google Firebase Realtime Database firebase_namespace/default 0.104 DDU
Site Domain firebase_domain/default 1.921 DDU
Google Cloud IoT Registry cloudiot_device_registry/default 0.026 DDU
Google Consumed API consumed_api/default 0.084 DDU
Google Cloud Microsoft Active Directory Domain microsoft_ad_domain/default 0.028 DDU
Google IAM Service Account iam_service_account/default 0.04 DDU
Google Producer Quota producer_quota/default 0.012 DDU
Google Uptime Check URL uptime_url/default 2.916 DDU
Google Cloud VPN Tunnel vpn_gatewayv/ 0.09 DDU

View GCP service metrics

Dynatrace provides preset dashboards for a number of GCP services. You can see which GCP services have preset dashboards in the list of GCP supported services above.
After deploying the Dynatrace integration, you can view these preset dashboards in the Dynatrace web UI in Dashboards.

Example preset dashboard: gcp-dash