AWS supporting service metrics

Apart from the typical AWS monitoring of EC2, EBS, ELB, and RDS, with Dynatrace you can also monitor other AWS services that influence the performance of your AWS-hosted applications.

Supporting services include all AWS services that aren’t available with out-of-the-box Dynatrace monitoring. Dynatrace can receive AWS CloudWatch metrics for multiple preselected services. You can view graphs per service instance, with a set of dimensions, and create custom graphs that you can pin to your dashboards. You can reduce your CloudWatch costs and throttling by selecting which additional services and metrics to monitor.

Monitoring consumption

As of 2021, all cloud services consume DDUs. The amount of DDU consumption per service instance depends on the number of monitored metrics and their dimensions (each metric dimension results in the ingestion of 1 data point; 1 data point consumes 0.001 DDUs).