Amazon Web Services monitoring

For intelligent monitoring of services running in Amazon cloud, you can integrate Dynatrace with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS integration helps you stay on top of the dynamics of your data center in the cloud.


Set up and configure Dynatrace SaaS integration or Dynatrace Managed integration on Amazon Web Services.

See Set up Dynatrace on Amazon Web Services for further options and details.

AWS supporting services

In addition to the out-of-the-box full-stack monitoring capabilities (EC2, EBS, ELB, and RDS), Dynatrace provides comprehensive support for monitoring a wide range of AWS services that aren’t available with out-of-the-box Dynatrace monitoring.

To learn how to configure these additional services and view their specific metrics in Dynatrace, see AWS supporting service metrics.

Metric ingestion

Integrate with Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams to ingest AWS metrics.

Log Monitoring

Set up AWS log forwarding to stream logs from Amazon CloudWatch into Dynatrace logs.

Monitoring configuration options

Define host naming rules based on AWS tags

Limit API calls to AWS using tags

View monitoring results

To learn how to analyze monitoring results in Dynatrace, see View AWS monitoring results.