Distributed traces and PurePaths overview

A core feature of Dynatrace, PurePaths combine distributed tracing with code-level visibility, topology information, and metadata to provide the highest level of data granularity and fidelity.

The Distributed traces and PurePaths page provides you an overview of all distributed traces of your environment, across all services. It contains PurePaths captured by OneAgent and ingested OpenTelemetry traces. You can easily filter the page to display only particular kind of traces—just select the required option in the Configure view pane.

PurePath overview

The table view lists up to 3,000 PurePaths that are captured during the selected timeframe and within the selected management zone. If your environment generates more than 3,000 PurePaths, you can apply filters.

  1. Place the cursor in the Filter request field to list the available filtering options.
  2. Select one or more filters.
    The view updates automatically as you apply filter criteria.


The chart shows the request count and response time over the selected timeframe.

  • The blue bar above the chart shows you which timeframe is actually covered by the displayed PurePaths.
  • For quick access to multidimensional analysis views, select the menu button ().


The table lists the most recent PurePaths.

  • To filter the table, use the search input field above the table to search on names and services. The table updates automatically as you type your search string.
  • To display an overview of a PurePath, select the expand button in the Details column.
  • To switch to a detailed analysis, select the PurePath in the Name column.
  • To list all PurePaths of a service, select the service in the Service column.
  • For quick access to further analysis options, select the menu button () in the Actions column.