Filter Davis Assistant interactions using tags

In order to ensure that the data most relevant to you is surfaced, all Davis Assistant integrations, including in the Davis Assistant Console, support filtering based on Dynatrace tags.

To configure tag-based filtering in any integration

  1. Sign in to Davis Assistant.

  2. Select Account settings from the User menu in the top-right corner.

  3. From the left menu, navigate to Integrations > the integration you would like to filter (for example, Alexa).

  4. For integrations with many users and channels such as Slack, you might first have to link your account to your Davis Assistant account. In Slack, this can be done using the /davis-assistant login slash command. For more information, check the help page on enabling the Davis Assistant Slack app.

  5. In the Filter interactions by tags field, enter one or more tags to filter interactions by. Davis Assistant lists possible tags as you type. In large environments, however, all tags might not be available for autocompletion. These tags can still be used, but must be entered manually. Please bear in mind that tags are case sensitive.

    Only entities matching all configured tags are used in filtered interactions.

Configure Davis Assistant tag-based filtering