Enable Davis Assistant charts

To enable or disable charts

  1. Go to the Davis Assistant Console at https://assistant.dynatrace.com. Sign in with your Dynatrace Managed credentials.
  2. Select Account settings from the User menu at the top-right of the window.
  3. Select Dynatrace environments in the left menu and select the environment row for which you want to enable (or disable) charts.
  4. Select Advanced to view more options.
    Enable charts in Davis Assistant
  5. Select Allow responses to include charts to enable (or deselect to disable) charts. Select Save.

Chart example


In order to support as many devices as possible, Davis Assistant creates and saves charts as anonymized images with no identifiable information. The images are created on demand and stored for up to 30 days in Amazon S3. The images don't require authentication for access, but they're secured using a randomly generated token in the file name.