Add a Dynatrace environment to Davis Assistant

You interact with Davis Assistant based on a Dynatrace monitoring environment selected from among those you have access to. Find out how to add a SaaS or Managed environment or your Managed users to Davis Assistant.

Once your Dynatrace environments are all available in Davis Assistant, you can specify which environment to use with each Davis Assistant integration. For example, your interactions with Davis Assistant on Slack and the web UI can be based on two entirely different environments.

For information about how your environment's information is stored on our servers, see Davis Assistant data security.

Dynatrace SaaS environments

Dynatrace SaaS environments associated with your account are automatically added to Davis Assistant.

You do not need to add your SaaS users to Davis Assistant; users are automatically inherited from the SaaS environment.

Dynatrace Managed environments

You must manually add Dynatrace Managed environments to Davis Assistant.

A token is required for each Dynatrace Managed environment you want to add to Davis Assistant. This Davis Assistant token is generated in the Integration > Dynatrace modules page of global settings.


  • Only users with administrative privileges can add tokens.
  • Token generation is supported for updated Managed environments only. We recommend updating your Managed environment so you can add it to Davis Assistant.

To add a Dynatrace Managed environment

  1. Go to Sign in with your Dynatrace SSO credentials.

  2. Navigate to Configurations in the navigation menu. Then select Dynatrace environments. This brings up a list of environments you have access to within Davis Assistant. Select Add managed environment in the upper-right corner of the page. Add a Dynatrace Managed environment

  3. Use the ActiveGate or Direct access buttons provided in the environment wizard to select how Davis Assistant should connect to your environment.

  4. If you've selected Direct access, proceed to the next step below.

    If you're using an ActiveGate, enter the ActiveGate URL in the Public ActiveGate URL field. (Learn more about ActiveGate.)

    Add a managed environment to davis_assistant


    • If you're using a Dynatrace ActiveGate, ensure that any firewalls are open to requests from on port 9999. If you're not using an ActiveGate, ensure that any firewalls are open to requests from on port 443.
    • If you want to use Davis Assistant with a Dynatrace Managed environment, you need to expose the Dynatrace Cluster or ActiveGate to external networks and configure a public IP address.
  5. Enter the URL of your Dynatrace Managed environment in the Environment URL field.

  6. Enter a Friendly name for your Dyantrace Managed environment.

  7. If you don't already have an API token, select the Get token link provided next to the API token field. If you have a token already, you can skip the next step and proceed to paste your token.

  8. After requesting a token, you're automatically directed to the Dynatrace modules page for token generation in a separate tab. Note that only users with administrative privileges can add tokens.

    1. Type a name for the token (for example, Davis Assistant) and select Generate token for Davis Assistant. Add a Dyantrace Managed environment to davis_assistant
    2. Select the arrow button of the newly created token to expand token settings.
    3. Copy the token to your clipboard.
    4. Return to the Davis Assistant browser tab.
  9. Paste your token in the API token field.

  10. Select Add.

Add users for a Dynatrace Managed environment

Due to differences in the information available to Davis Assistant for Dynatrace Managed and SaaS environments, Dynatrace Managed environment administrators must add other users via manual entry or based on the email-address domain name.

Users are added through the Manage users page, which can be accessed from the navigation menu under Admin.


  • The Manage users link only appears if you're a Davis Assistant admin user for a Dynatrace Managed environment.
  • Any user added to Davis Assistant, whether by manual entry or based on domain name, must already have a Dynatrace SSO account with the same email address.

Add a user account to davis_assistant

To add a user

  1. Go to Sign in with your Dynatrace SSO credentials.
  2. Select Manage users in the navigation menu under Admin.
  3. Select Add user at the top right of the page.
  4. From the list provided, select the Dynatrace Managed environment for which you want to add your Davis Assistant user.
  5. Enter the user's First name and Last name.
  6. Enter the user's Email address, which should match the email address associated with their Dynatrace SSO account.
  7. Enable the Admin toggle if the user should be a Davis Assistant administrator for this environment.
  8. Select Add.

Add a user account to davis_assistant