Access the Davis Assistant web app

To access the Davis Assistant web application, navigate to and sign in using your Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed account credentials.

Interact with Davis Assistant

The text field at the bottom of the page includes a Try button. Use this button to send example requests to Davis Assistant and get a feel for how it works. Click Send to send typed questions. See the example below.

Click the Microphone Davis Assistant microphone (next to Try) or tap the space bar to enable interaction with Davis Assistant using your voice or other audio responses (not supported in iOS due to auto-play restrictions). The Microphone Davis Assistant listening turns red while Davis Assistant is listening. Click the Microphone button again to stop Davis Assistant from listening.

Click the Microphone button while Davis Assistant is responding to stop playback and allow Davis Assistant to listen again. Double-clicking the Microphone button while a response is playing stops both response playback and listening. See the example below.

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Davis Assistant cards

For consistency across platforms, many of the responses offered by Davis Assistant feature interactive cards that appear and function similarly to their Slack counterparts. Click any links displayed in cards to open relevant Dynatrace pages. Buttons can be used to get more information about specific topics or to advance through result pages.

Davis Assistant web interaction

Interaction history

As recent Davis Assistant interactions are stored locally in the browser, they won't appear when using other devices.

You can clear your Davis Assistant interaction history, which is stored in your browser's local storage, by clicking Clear interaction history under the User Profile menu in the top-right corner of the Davis Assistant window.

Switch your environment in Davis Assistant

Your interactions with Davis Assistant are based on a specific Dynatrace monitoring environment. Davis Assistant responds to your questions for the specific environment chosen.

There are many options to switch your monitoring environment in the Davis Assistant web application.

  • From the landing page after you've logged in, click the arrow next to the currently selected environment name to display the environments you have access to. Click an environment name in the list to switch to it.

  • From the User menu User menu in the top-right corner, click the arrow next to the current environment to display the environments you have access to. Click an environment name in the list to switch to it. Switch environment in User menu

  • Navigate to Account settings > Dynatrace environments from the User menu. Choose an environment to Activate. Switch environment in Account settings