How do I analyze database services?

Dynatrace monitors the response time, failure rate, and throughput of all database statements executed by your applications.

Database service

Tiles on the database service overview page provide insight into various aspects of database performance, for example, SQL queries or procedures, SQL modifications, reads, writes, and so on. The exact list of included tiles depends on the database technology. Each tile contains Response time, Failure rate, and Throughput metrics. To get more details, click the View database statements button in the relevant tile.

Database service - details

All relevant database statements executed during the selected timeframe are listed in the Database statements section at the bottom of the Details page. By default, database statements are sorted based on median response time. You can choose other sorting options—just select one from the Sort by drop-down list. You can also filter the statements that you're interested in.

Click any statement to view full details:

Statement details

Dynatrace shows response times, failure rate and number of executions.

  • Click Details to filter the current Details page to this statement only, and see how the statement affects performance.
  • Click Service backtrace to see which service called the statement.
  • Click Analyze outliers to view response time distribution.

The real power of the new database analysis view reveals itself when it comes to analyzing performance degradation. You can immediately see which statement is responsible for a slowdown, as they are highlighted in the table of statements. In the example below, the detected response time degradation was caused by two statements (Aggregations in BookingCollection and Aggregations in JourneyCollection).

To see which service executed the statement that caused the database slowdown, click the Service backtrace button.

Database service - slow statements

Analyze database errors

Each tile on the database service overview page features a Failure rate graph.

Database service - failure rate

Click it to open the Failures tab of the Details page.

Database service - failures

The Failed database statements table at the bottom of the page immediately shows which statements are failing and their individual failure rate.

Click the View details of failures button to understand the root cause of the failures. Dynatrace shows you that the cause of the failure rate on this service is a MySQL syntax error exception. This gives your developers all the information they need to resolve this issue and eliminate future errors.

Database service - failure details

You can also find the statement with the highest failure rate in the Current hotspots tile on the database service page.

Database service - hotspots

Click it to open the same Failures tab of the Details page, filtered to this statement only.