User privacy for iOS

Starting December 8, 2020, Apple requires you to provide information about your app's privacy practices, including the practices of third-party partners like Dynatrace.

On this page, you'll find information about what kind of data Dynatrace OneAgent for iOS captures by default. The data categories and types reflect the Apple questionnaire. For a detailed description of individual data types, see App privacy details on the App Store on the Apple developer portal.

OneAgent may capture additional data through your manual instrumentation. If you instrument your app to capture additional data, make sure you reflect it in your app privacy questionnaire.

❌ OneAgent doesn't capture this data type by default.
⚙️ OneAgent captures this data type, but you can configure your instrumentation not to capture it.
✔️ OneAgent captures this data type by default. This refers only to Other Diagnostic Data and is crucial for effective mobile app monitoring.

Contact Info

OneAgent doesn't capture any contact information.

Health and Fitness

OneAgent doesn't capture any health and fitness data.

Financial Info

OneAgent doesn't capture any financial information.


Data type Captured? Notes
Precise Location ⚙️ Only if your app uses the location, OneAgent captures the first three decimal places. To prevent, set the DTXInstrumentGPSLocation configuration key to false.
Coarse Location

Sensitive Info

OneAgent doesn't capture any sensitive information.


OneAgent doesn't capture any contacts.

User Content

OneAgent doesn't capture any user content.


OneAgent doesn't capture any identifiers.


OneAgent doesn't capture any purchase data.

Usage Data

Data type Captured? Notes
Product Interaction ⚙️ If you use auto-instrumentation for iOS, the app launches, taps and clicks are reported as user Actions. The behavior can be modified via DTXExcluded... and DTXInstrument... configuration keys.
Advertising Data
Other Usage Data


Data type Captured? Notes
Crash Data ⚙️

You can disable crash reporting by setting the DTXCrashReportingEnabled key to false. For more information, see Configuration keys. When you use Session Replay, OneAgent also captures masked screenshots and reports the last captured screenshot before the crash.

Performance Data ⚙️ When you configure your instrumentation to automatically create a user action, the user action duration is reported. To disable it, set the DTXInstrumentAutoUserAction key to false. For more information, see Configuration keys.
Other Diagnostic Data ✔️

OneAgent captures the following diagnostic data:

  • Battery level
  • Built-in RAM
  • Free RAM
  • Device model
  • CPU type
  • Carrier name
  • Network connection type, for example, mobile, WiFi, or LAN
  • Network technology, for example, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 802.11x
  • Screen resolution
  • Orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • App version
  • App name
  • User language
  • iOS version
  • New user (on the first session)

Other Data

OneAgent doesn't capture any other data than mentioned above.