Organize dashboards

When you have a lot of dashboards, you need to manage them.

Filters on the dashboards table

Depending on how many Dynatrace users you have and how many dashboards they create, the Dashboards page (in the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards) may present you with a long table of dashboards. You need to know how to filter that table.

There are two ways to set filters on the Dashboards table:

  • The collapsible pane to the left of the table has filter such as Ownership and Favorite. Any selection you make for one of those filters adds the equivalent filter to the Filter by line above the table and applies the filter.
  • You can add filters directly to the Filter by line above the table. Click in the Filter by line to list and select a filter, and then type or select the filter value. You need to use this method for filter values that require typing (such as )

To list just your own dashboards

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Set a filter using one of these methods:
    • Under Ownership in the left column, select Mine
    • On the Filter by line, select Ownership: Mine

Dashboard filters available in Filter by:

  • Name: Type any part of the dashboard name and press enter.
  • Ownership: Filters by ownership of the dashboard.
    • Mine: All dashboards that you've created
    • Shared with me: All dashboards created by other users who have granted you read or edit permissions to their dashboards.
  • Favorite: Lists just the favorited dashboards.
  • Owner: Filters by the name or user ID of the owner.
  • Tag: Filters by dashboard tag.
  • Preset: Whether to list only preset dashboards.

If you set more than one filter, only dashboards that match all of the filters are shown.


To have a dashboard appear at the top of your list, favorite it by selecting the star icon to the left of the dashboard's name. Favorited dashboards appear at the top of the dashboards list.

To list just your favorite dashboards

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Set a filter using one of these methods:
    • Under Favorite in the left column, select Yes
    • On the Filter by line, select Favorite: Yes


You can use tags to organize your dashboards into groups.

To apply dashboard tags

  1. Display the dashboard.
  2. Select Edit.
    If you don't see an Edit option, you don't have permission to edit that dashboard.
  3. Select Add tag under the name of the dashboard, type the tag, and select Add.
    Repeat this step as needed to add additional tags to this dashboard.
  4. Select Done to save your changes.

You can filter the Dashboards list by Tag.

Management zones

Management zones are used to partition monitoring data based on team ownership and responsibility. Dashboard content is automatically filtered whenever a management zone is selected.

You can set a default timeframe and management zone for each dashboard; these are selected every time you open the dashboard. They're also used when you share the dashboard.

To configure the default timeframe and management zone, edit the dashboard, switch to the Settings tab, and configure either or both settings:

  • Default timeframe: turn it on and select a timeframe for the dashboard.
  • Default management zone: turn it on and select a management zone for the dashboard.

Team members who view a zone-specific dashboard without having the required management zone permissions are presented with a dashboard that has no content. They must select a management zone they have permission to view before data is displayed on the dashboard.

For more on dashboards and management zones, see Dashboard timeframe and management zone.