Preset dashboards

Preset dashboards are visible to all users by default.

  • On the Dashboards page, the name of each preset dashboard is followed by the Preset tag.
  • To display only preset dashboards, set the Preset filter to Yes.

Dynatrace offers several domain-specific out-of-the-box preset dashboards. Use them as inspiration for your own dashboards and clone them to create your own customized versions.

  • You can create your own preset dashboards.
  • You can set any preset dashboard as the home dashboard for a user group.

Manage global settings

Preset dashboards are visible to all users by default. You can use the global settings to turn them off entirely or to limit visibility to certain user groups.

Enable presets

Use Enable presets to turn preset dashboards on or off globally. If you turn it off, dashboards marked as presets will no longer appear on Dashboard tables for any users.

Limit preset visibility

Use preset rules to ensure that specific preset dashboards are visible only to specific user groups and not to all users in the environment.

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings and select Dashboards > Preset settings.
  2. In the Limit preset visibility section, Add item.
    • Set Preset dashboard to the preset dashboard for which you want to manage group access.
    • Set User group to the user group that should have access to the selected preset dashboard.
  3. Select Save changes.

List all preset dashboards

To list all preset dashboards

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Set a filter using one of these methods:
    • Under Preset in the left column, select Yes
    • On the Filter by line, select Preset: Yes
  3. Select the name of any preset dashboard to display it.

Out-of-the-box preset dashboards

You can't edit out-of-the-box preset dashboards, but you can clone them and edit the clones.

To clone an out-of-the-box preset dashboard

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Find the out-of-the-box preset dashboard you want to clone.
  3. Use one of these methods to clone the dashboard:
    • Open the browse menu () for that dashboard and select Clone.
    • Open the dashboard, open the browse menu () in the upper-right of the dashboard, and select Clone.

This creates your personal copy of the preset dashboard with -cloned appended to the dashboard name.

To inspect and edit the clone

Now that you have a copy of the dashboard, you can experiment with it.

  1. Select Edit to inspect and edit the dashboard components.
    • Name—Select the pen icon after the dashboard name to personalize the name of your clone.
    • Tags—Under the dashboard name, add and delete tags as needed.
    • Markdown and Header tiles—Select them to see how to use text and headers on your dashboard to label and explain elements of the dashboard.
    • Other tiles—select tiles to see the settings in the tile-specific pane on the right. See Available tiles for tile-specific help.
  2. Select Done to save any changes and display the working dashboard.
  3. Try drilldowns from the tiles to see where they go.
    • Open a tile's menu to see menu options.
    • Select tile elements to see available actions.

Create a preset dashboard

If you have admin privileges, you can create and modify your own preset dashboards.

  • Preset dashboards are automatically shared to all users
  • Preset dashboards appear on the Dashboards table for all users

To designate a dashboard as a preset dashboard

  1. Create a dashboard or display an existing dashboard for which you have editing rights.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Switch to the Settings tab and select the Advanced settings link.
  4. On the Manage access tab, turn on Publish as preset.
  5. Save changes.

To verify the change

  1. Go to Dashboards.
  2. Filter by Preset: Yes.
  3. Make sure the dashboard is displayed in the table.
    Also, each preset dashboard has a Preset tag after its name in the table.

Assign a home dashboard

If you have admin privileges, you can assign a preset dashboard as the home dashboard for a user group. The selected dashboard will become that group's default landing page.

  1. Go to Settings > Dashboards > General settings.
  2. Select Configure home dashboard.
  3. Set User group to the group whose home dashboard you want to set.
  4. Set Home dashboard to one of the preset dashboards on the list.
    If your dashboard isn't listed, make sure it's set as a preset dashboard.
  5. Select Save changes.