Pin tiles to your dashboard

You can automatically create a new dashboard tile from any Dynatrace page that includes a Pin to dashboard button. All you need is edit permission for the dashboard. In this example, we create a new dashboard, so you are guaranteed to have edit permission.

Create a dashboard

We start by creating an empty dashboard.

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Select Create dashboard, enter a Dashboard name (in this example, Filtered Dashboard), and select Create.
    This creates the dashboard and opens it in edit mode.
  3. Select Done.
    Now we have an empty dashboard named Filtered Dashboard.

Create a filtered tile

Now we create a tile based on a filtered view of the Hosts page and pin the tile to the empty dashboard.

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Hosts.

  2. Set a filter on the list. In this example, we set Data center: Gdańsk, Poland.
    resulting filter

  3. In the upper-right corner of the Hosts page, select Pin to dashboard.
    filter tiles: pin to dashboard
    Dynatrace displays a preview of the tile and asks you to select the dashboard. filter tiles: pin

  4. Select a dashboard (in this example, Filtered Dashboard) and select Pin. This creates the tile and pins it to the Filtered Dashboard dashboard.
    filter tiles: open dashboard

  5. Select Open dashboard.
    The formerly empty dashboard now opens in edit mode with the new tile selected for editing. You can make optional settings to this tile before saving it. For a Host health tile, you have the following options:

    • optional Select whether to show a chart on the tile
    • optional Select a custom timeframe
    • optional Select a custom management zone
    • optional Select an environment

    filter tiles: tile edit mode

  6. Select Done.
    The dashboard is displayed with the new tile representing hosts in Gdańsk, Poland.
    filter tiles: display mode

Now we have a tile that's specific to the hosts in the Gdańsk, Poland, data center.

  • The filter is fully dynamic. If hosts are added or removed, or if their statuses change, the tile updates automatically.
  • To view the filtered Hosts page from which we created the tile, open the menu in the tile's upper-right corner and select View details.

Add a header to your tile


To add a meaningful label to your tile

  1. Select Edit to edit your dashboard.
  2. Drag a Header tile from the Edit dashboard pane to your dashboard.
    This will be the title of your tile.
  3. Edit the header text. In this example, we use Gdansk hosts.
  4. Drag your Header tile into position above your Hosts tile.
    Depending on the position of your Hosts tile on the dashboard, you may need to drag both tiles to new positions so you can fit the Header tile over the Hosts tile.
    header tile - edit dashboard
  5. Select Done.
    header tile

Update a filtered tile

To change the filters on your tile

  1. On your dashboard, select the tile to display the Hosts table with your filter applied.
  2. Add or delete filters.
    In this example, we keep Data center: Gdańsk, Poland and add Operating system: Linux. Because we have changed the filters, the Update dashboard tile button is enabled so you can save changes.
    filter tiles: additional filter
  3. Select Update dashboard tile.
    The new filter settings are saved to the tile. In this example, the tile on your dashboard displays the health of hosts matching Data center: Gdańsk, Poland and Operating system: Linux, and it opens the Hosts page with those filters.

Pin as new tile

Instead of updating a tile, you might want to save a new copy of the tile. For example, you might want multiple similar tiles but with each tile filtered for a different operating system.

  1. On the same example dashboard, select the Hosts tile you pinned in the previous example.
    The Hosts page opens.
  2. Open the browse () menu and select Pin as new tile.
    • Select a different dashboard to have copies of the same tile on two different dashboards.
    • Select the same dashboard to have two copies of the tile on the same dashboard, which might seem pointless. However:
      • You can edit the tiles to have different management zones, timeranges, and environments
      • You can set different filters on the tiles: for each tile in turn, select the tile to open the Hosts page, change filters on the Hosts page, and then select Update dashboard tile to update the tile on your dashboard to reflect your filter changes.