Filter charts

Dynatrace provides powerful filtering options that enable you to set up dashboards in support of the unique monitoring needs of each of your organization's teams. This topic explains how to create a dashboard and add a filtered tile to it.

Create a dashboard

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Dashboards.
  2. Select Create dashboard, enter a Dashboard name, and select Create.
    This creates the dashboard and opens it in edit mode.
  3. Select Done.
    Now we have an empty dashboard to work with.

Create a filtered tile

  1. Because we want this dashboard to focus on the key metrics of a specific host, begin by selecting Hosts in the Dynatrace menu.

  2. Set a filter on the table. In this example, we set Data center to Gdańsk, Poland.

    There are two ways to set a filter:

    • For common filter filters, you can select an item in the Quick filters column. This is a subset of available filters.

    • On the Filtered by line, you can specify any available filter.

  3. Select Pin to dashboard, select a target dashboard, and select Pin to create the tile and pin it to the selected dashboard.

  4. Select Open dashboard to open the dashboard in edit mode with the new tile selected for editing.

  5. optional Change tile settings as needed:

    • Show or hide the tile chart
    • Select a tile-specific timeframe
    • Select a tile-specific management zone
    • Select a tile-specific environment
  6. Select Done.

Now we have a tile that's specific to the hosts in the Gdańsk, Poland, data center.

Each hexagon on the tile represents a host. A green hexagon is a healthy host; a red hexagon is a host with a problem.

  • If hosts are added or removed from that data center, the tile updates automatically.
  • If a host's health changes, so does the color of the hexagon representing that host.
  • To see which host has the problem, hover over a red hexagon.
  • To drill down to a red host's details, select the red hexagon and then select View host.
  • To view the filtered Hosts page from which we created the tile, open the menu in the tile's upper-right corner and select View details.