Get started with Davis

These instructions explain how to set up and use the Dynatrace Davis conversational interface. See Next Generation AI root cause analysis to learn about the full capabilities of Dynatrace Davis.


The conversational interface for Dynatrace Davis enables you to ask common questions in chat applications and voice-enabled devices and gain actionable insight into your Dynatrace monitoring data through natural language responses and chart visualizations. Supported chat applications and devices include Slack, Rocket.Chat, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. In addition, you can use the conversational interface API to build a custom integration.

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Before you begin

To get the full value of Davis, it's necessary that you have at least one host running at least one application to be monitored. If no hosts are currently monitored in your installation, please follow the steps for OneAgent installation.

Note: You must be a Dynatrace administrator to add or modify an environment in Davis. Managed environments must be manually added.

Get started with Dynatrace Davis

  1. Go to If you haven't done so already, sign in to your Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed account.

  2. Click the Try button located in the text input area at the bottom of the window to send a randomly generated interaction example.

  3. Interact with Davis using the text input or microphone button.

Davis web interaction animation

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