Enable the Davis Slack app

These instructions explain how to set up and use the Dynatrace Davis conversational interface. See Next Generation AI root cause analysis to learn about the full capabilities of Dynatrace Davis.

To enable the Davis Slack app

  1. Go to davis.dynatrace.com in a new tab, sign in and click on the User Profile button (icon) in the top-right corner of the window, then click on Account settings.

  2. Navigate to Integrations > Slack app in the navigation bar on the left-side.

  3. Click the Add to Slack button.

  4. If you aren't already signed in to Slack, sign in.

  5. Click the Authorize button.

Note: If you receive the error Already installed to this workspace, you must remove the Davis Slack app from your workspace and re-add the Davis Slack app to your workspace if you'd like to change the associated environment. After removing, follow the steps above to add the Davis Slack app back to your workspace with a different associated environment.

  1. Select the Dynatrace environment you'd like the Slack workspace to be associated with and click Select environment.

  2. Navigate to the channel you'd like to add a Davis chatbot to in Slack and send /invite @davis. Then send @davis hello to begin interacting with Davis.

Add Davis Slack app animation

Interact with Davis in a Slack channel

Invite a Davis chatbot to a channel by sending /invite @davis. Next, make Davis listen by mentioning him in a message such as @davis what happened yesterday?. Davis will respond in a thread attached to the initial request. In the thread, Davis will only listen to the user that initialized the interaction. Mentioning another user in the thread will make Davis stop listening. Davis will also stop listening, if another user adds a message to the thread. To resume listening in the thread, send a message containing @davis.

Note: When Davis is listening, you don't need to preface your messages with @davis. Other users in the channel will also be able to interact with Davis and view your interactions. Buttons in cards only work for the specific user that Davis is responding to.

Interact with Davis directly in Slack

As an alternative to interacting with Davis in a channel, you can interact directly with him in a direct message. Add "davis" to your Direct Messages list in Slack by clicking the plus icon next to Direct Messages and typing davis. The conversation will not be visible to any other users and Davis will always be listening.

Note: You aren't required to preface messages with @davis in direct messages.

Changing the environment associated with a Slack workspace

Davis supports interaction between a single Dynatrace environment per Slack workspace. If you'd like to change the associated environment, you must remove the Davis Slack app from the workspace and re-add the Davis Slack app using the Add to Slack button in the Slack app (available at Account settings > Integrations).

Note: Each workspace can only be associated with one environment.

Enabling Davis to send notifications through Slack

To enable notifications, send enable notifications in a direct message to Davis or @davis enable notifications in a channel that Davis has joined. Note: Since notifications aren't associated with a single user, Davis won't listen in a thread attached to a notification, unless he is mentioned with a message containing @davis. Learn more

Remove a Davis chatbot from a Slack channel

Send /remove @davis in the channel you'd like to remove the Davis chatbot from.

Note: Removing a chatbot doesn't remove the Davis Slack app from your workspace.

Remove the Davis Slack app from a Slack workspace

Open Slack and click Manage apps under the Slack user menu, then click the davis app. Next, select the Settings tab and click the Remove App button at the bottom of the page.