What is a monitoring environment?

Your Dynatrace monitoring environment is where all your Dynatrace performance analysis takes place. Dynatrace OneAgent sends all captured monitoring data to your monitoring environment for analysis. A monitoring environment is analogous to an analysis server that provides all Dynatrace application-performance analysis functionality, including all dashboards, charts, reports and other tools.

Your monitoring environment resides in the Dynatrace cloud, unless you're using our on-premises deployment option, Dynatrace Managed. For Dynatrace Managed customers, your monitoring environment is hosted within your own data center.

Multiple monitoring environments

It's common to set up multiple monitoring environments so that related entities can be grouped for discrete analysis. For example, you might set up one monitoring environment to monitor and analyze the performance of your production clusters. You might set up a second environment that's dedicated to the performance of your developers' machines and a third environment for your staging servers. How you segment your monitoring environments is entirely up to you. For details on how to set up multiple monitoring environments, please check Can I set up multiple monitoring environments? if you've chosen the SaaS option or How can I create and manage my monitoring environments? for Dynatrace Managed.