What is Dynatrace Managed?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

If your organization’s policies prohibit cloud-based solutions, you can still benefit from all Dynatrace monitoring features, while keeping your data on premises. This is possible thanks to Dynatrace Managed, the on-premise deployment model offered by Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Managed cluster

Your Dynatrace Managed cluster is responsible for monitoring one or more environments. It includes at least one node with Dynatrace Server is installed (typically you create more than one node in a cluster). Each Dynatrace Managed cluster is associated with one Cluster Management Console. Thus, each Dynatrace Managed Cluster is associated with:

  • One or more nodes (and therefore one or more Dynatrace Server instances).
  • One or more monitored environments (and therefore one or more instances of Dynatrace OneAgent).
  • One Cluster Management Console.

Each time you want to set up a new cluster, you need to obtain a license. All your Dynatrace Managed clusters communicate with Mission Control for maintenance and licensing issues.

Dynatrace Server

Dynatrace Server provides all the conveniences offered by the Dynatrace cloud on your own infrastructure and enables the monitoring of application services, processes, and on-premises infrastructure. Dynatrace Server is actually an installation package comprised of the following components:

  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch
  • Dynatrace Server
  • Public Security Gateway
  • nginx

Dynatrace Server is installed on the first node that you create when setting up your cluster, as well as on any additional node.

Cluster Management Console

For each Managed cluster you set up, there is a dedicated Cluster Management Console. Cluster Management Console is a web-based user interface for efficiently managing your Dynatrace Managed infrastructure. From here you can view the deployment status of your Dynatrace Managed cluster setup at any time.

Dynatrace managed deployment status

With the Cluster Management Console, you can:

Mission Control

Dynatrace Mission Control provides pro-active support for maintenance and licensing issues. With automated support from our Mission Control team, your Dynatrace Managed installation is updated automatically. Our Mission Control team can also help you with troubleshooting if you run into problems. Visit How does Mission Control pro-active support work? to learn more.

Dynatrace OneAgent

Dynatrace OneAgent is installed on each monitored environment. Dynatrace OneAgent is responsible for collecting all monitoring data within your monitored environment and for sending the data to Dynatrace Server.

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