What are the hardware & software requirements for Dynatrace Managed?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

Software requirements

Supported software platforms

For details on which 64-bit Linux distributions you can install Dynatrace Managed on, please see Which environments and versions does Dynatrace support? Note that installation on both physical and virtualized hosts is supported, but installation in containers is not supported.

Security Gateway requirements

Please visit How do I install Dynatrace Security Gateway?

Hardware requirements

Node type Max hosts monitored (per node) Max user actions/s (per node) Minimum node spec1 Disk IOPS (per node) Transaction Storage2 (for 10 days code visibility) Long-term Metrics Store3 (per node)
Trial 20 20 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM 30 250GB 100GB
Small 250 250 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM 150 500GB 1.2TB
Medium 600 500 16 vCPUs, 64GB RAM 300 1TB 2.5TB
Large 1500 1000 32 vCPUs, 128GB RAM 750 2TB 5TB
XLarge 3000 3000 64 vCPUs, 256GB RAM 1500 4TB 10TB

1 CPU and RAM must be exclusively available for Dynatrace. Power saving mode for CPUs must be disabled. CPUs must run with a clock speed of at least 2GHz.
2 Transaction data is distributed across all nodes and is not stored redundantly. So for multi-node clusters, the storage per node is divided by the number of nodes.
3 For multi-node installations we keep three copies of the metrics store. For 4 or more nodes the storage requirement per node is reduced.

Note: All nodes of a cluster should have the same hardware. Recommended cluster sizes are 1, 3, or more (up to 10). The hardware requirements are estimates based on typical environments and load patterns. Requirements for individual environments may vary.


  • To monitor 8k hosts with a peak load of 3k user actions per second, you need 3 extra large nodes with a combined storage of 4TB for direct storage and 30TB for long-term metrics.

  • To monitor 200 hosts with a peak load of 500 user actions per second, you need 1 medium node with storage of 1TB for transactions and 2.5TB for long-term metrics, or to have failover you can also use 3 small nodes.

Disk space requirements of Dynatrace Managed directories

Directory symbol Directory path Description Maximum expected disk space
PRODUCT_PATH /opt/dynatrace-managed Main directory for Dynatrace Managed binaries 5GB
DATASTORE_PATH /var/opt/dynatrace-managed Main directory for Dynatrace Managed data depends on data size
LOG_PATH /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/log Logs of all Dynatrace Managed components, services and tools 1 GB
CASSANDRA_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/cassandra Metrics repository depends on data size
ELASTICSEARCH_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/elasticsearch Elasticsearch store depends on data size
SERVER_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/server Transactions store depends on data size
AGENT_BUILD_UNITS_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/agents Installation packages of agents (if downloaded by Server or installed from standalone agents package) 5GB
SERVER_BUILD_UNITS_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/installer Dynatrace Managed installer for adding nodes to cluster, prepared during installation/upgrade 2 GB

The directory paths included in the above table are the default ones. They will be different in case you have chosen custom locations during installation.

Multi-node installations

For Dynatrace Managed installations with more than one node, all nodes must:

  • Use the same Linux distribution
  • Have the same hardware configuration
  • Be synchronized with NTP
  • Be in the same timezone